Our most easy-to-use Mousetrapper. Which Mousetrapper suits you best? Mousetrapper Advance – Docking Unit. In regular use, the Mousetrapper Advance may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Key features Four buttons with scroll and auto-scroll functions Control pad with click function USB plug-and-play. This steering pad is unique to the Mousetrapper.

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KarlqvistJensenHaberg The mouse is positioned in front of the keyboard, encouraging you to adopt a neutral posture.


We sit still for too long in static positions that our bodies are not designed for. To activate this feature, simply place you finger on the rightmost side of the pad mousetrpaper move the pad up and down. If you want to reprogram asvance of the five mouse buttons, you can download an additional utility, but it’s only available to Windows users.

Lite also has soft, padded wrist supports available in black or red. It is easy to use and gives the user maximum flexibility with the option of clicking directly on the control pad.

Advance 2.0

With wireless function and eight programmable buttons, you have plenty of options for configuring your Mousetrapper exactly as you want it. All are non-tactile, which means that there is no noticable ‘click’ sensation when you press down on the button.


USB connection to your desktop or laptop computer. In the study report, we share the results and our conclusions. Media Videos Downloadcenter Download brochure. Today it is common to spend long hours working in front of computer screens.

Moving touchpad takes some getting used to. On either side of the steering pad are soft palm supports which cushion your palms and forearms as you type. Avance Plung’n’Play functionality lets you use it right out of the box with either Windows or Mac systems.

Cons Moving touchpad takes some getting used to. The Best PC Games. Mousetrapper Lite Lite is the base product in the Mousetrapper range, and is designed to suit a full-size keyboard.

Lite | Mousetrapper

The mousetrapoer extends four inches from the mousetrappee of the wrist rest, providing more than enough surface area to accommodate any irregularly shaped keyboards. Mousetrapper Prime is an ergonomic alternative to a mouse that prevents repetitive strain injuries and other problems that can occur when you use a conventional mouse. The Wellness Mouse More and more of us spend our working days sitting in front of a screen. To help you make your choice, you can compare all the Mousetrappers and decide which one is best for you.

Instead of a stationary smooth surface that tracks the movements of your fingertips across it, the Mousetrapper has a moving control surface that grips your fingertip and moves with it. On any other mouse the dedicated double-click would be redundant, bordering on the ridiculous, but advane this case it’s a necessary design element. At Mousetrapper, we have a mission: Get Our Best Stories! In addition, the mouse has 6 buttons that can be programmed to meet your personal requirements.

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MouseTrapper Advance Review & Rating |

But if repetitive stress injury or carpal tunnel is a serious concern for you, then the Mousetrapper Advance may be exactly what you need. An ergonomic alternative to a mouse that prevents repetitive strain injuries and other problems that can occur when you use a conventional mouse.

Red MT Product code: Plenty of useful buttons. More computer mice reviews: View online brochure Download brochure.

The Mousetrapper Advance has more than the usual left and right mouse buttons. Mousetrapper Flexible Flexible is small, light and wireless, and is the most compact product in the Mousetrapper range.